Announcing the Baby Blobs sale

Today, we are proud to announce that our sale of 8078 Blobs will happen on Tuesday, November 2nd, at 20:00 UTC ( 4pm EST).

The minting price will be 1 SOL. We recommend having 0.1 extra SOL ready to pay potential transaction fees, so 1.1 SOL if you plan to mint a Blob. If this is your first time using the Solana Ecosystem, we recommend that you follow these steps in setting up your wallet for the first time, preferably an hour or two before the mint goes live:

-Create a Solana wallet, we recommend using Solflare wallet (

-Fund your wallet using a centralized exchange such as (or

-You will then be able to connect your wallet to on Tuesday

-Finally, mint (one at a time) your desired amount of Baby Blobs!

You can find an extended and qualitative explanation on this link if you need more information:

By the way, 101 Blobs have been pre-minted by the team in order to reward giveaway winners, thank members of the community that have assisted us on our journey, but mainly to keep for future events and giveaways in the future! These are the ‘Adoption Blobs’.

The Team:

The Baby Blobs project has been in the works since July, initially started by Sway, a 16-year-old at the time, with Bloodie, his 19-year-old sister as the artist. Their vision was to create a unique NFT project that stood out from the masses of daily drops coming out every day. Soon afterwards StegaBob joined as lead developer and Ponjinge for Strategy and Comms, two 20-year-olds with a desire to launch on Solana and elevate the project to the next level. Our team ethos is one of building bridges within the Solana ecosystem and community. We have had the great pleasure of working with Metaplex, Solflare and among other great projects, stories that we will be told in greater detail in our development focused article so make sure to give that a read.

What are these Blobs? What makes them Special?

Baby Blobs are the first interactive HTML-based NFTs on Solana, a generative project of 8078 Blobs that helped update the Metaplex NFT standard back in September in order to support these cute Blobs. These small squishable balls of fun have multiple interactive features such as the aforementioned squishing, face movement following your cursor, and jumping, with plans on adding even more features after in the near future.

Drawing inspiration from projects such as Cool Cats and Thedudes, and adding our unique art style and wacky ideas, our goal is to provide Blob owners with NFTs that are both too cute to sell and with a future so bright you’ll understand why we store ours in a Solflare wallet.

There are 4 Tiers of Blobs, with blobs of each tier easily recognizable by their traits exclusive to that tier, with the 4th tier being reserved to ultra-rare 1/1 Blobs.

Tier 1 will comprise simple but adorable uniform-colored Blobs, whereas Tier 2 will start to see mixing in the Blobs coloring and backgrounds. And Tier 3 will have special Rare Blob types such as Sushi Blobs, Pizzas Blobs and many others. But do not be fooled, even the first tiers have outstanding Blobs, Bloodie has really done a magnificent job on making all the Blobs lovable.

So, you’ve minted some Blobs, now what?

We have many plans and ideas for our project, including:

-A possible merch store (we would love to be able to make Blob Plushies!)

-An inevitable Gen 2 sometime in the far future that would benefit Baby Blob holders, as our artist has so many ideas left in the tank, especially for more Tier 3s

-Upgrades to existing Blobs, such as new animations and interactive features

-A possible Blob Game

-A Big Blob Treasure Hunt after mint that will go on during the months following mint

-And Many More!

More on the Treasure Hunt:

After the Baby Blobs mint, we are planning on having a series of quests and puzzles for our community to solve in order to win prizes, and other rewards such as getting your blob mutated, discovering a hidden Tier 3 or Ultra rare Blob hiding amongst the lower tiers, and seasonal Blobs being introduced. These prizes do involve a touchy subject that is the modification of Metadata, we will be releasing an article very soon going over the limits and no-goes that involve this. But we assure you that we will be as transparent as possible, there will only EVER be 8078 Original Baby Blobs and we will only ever make chances to benefit Blob owners. Our plan is to keep our metadata open for the time being as it allows us to do unique ideas and ways of interacting with our community that have not been done before.

I missed the mint, where can I buy a blob?

We have had the great pleasure to work with, our exclusive launch partner. The Baby Blobs secondary market will be launching exclusively on their NFT marketplace.

So, if you missed the mint, you could go and pick up a Blob there. A friendly reminder that FTX is focusing their NFT marketplace efforts on and anyone can sign up for an account there, including regular users, and anyone that lives in or outside of the United States.

For more info on that we recommend visiting

Furthermore, we are having an auction on the first ever Blob minted with FTX, all the proceeds of this auction will go to the wonderful FTX foundation as our values are heavily aligned with theirs. We also plan on giving away SOL to other charities and foundations along the road as we are incredibly fortunate to be where we are and would like to give back.

We would like to thank everyone that has helped and supported us on our journey so far! We hope to see everyone on Tuesday. We hope you will stick around.

Be sure to join the Discord, share your thoughts and ideas, and follow us on Twitter: